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Getting what you want for less!

Here it first TK Blog post! Bare with me as this is all new to me. I'm so excited to start sharing design and staging tips with my readers.

To give you a little backround, I learned much of what I know by constantly watching my parents tackle home improvement projects through the years. My dad was a part-time handyman and my mom a "Martha Stewart" of sorts when Martha wasn't even cool yet.

When I wasn't analyzing my parents choices, I was daydreaming of and drawing the house of my dreams. I would tag along to the Parade of Homes every year and take mental notes and sit outside on picknick tables drawing sketches of the homes I visited. I loved everything about a home.

If there is one thing God did bless me with, it was the gift of creativity!

As a very young homeowner, my pocket book was never very deep! Even if it were, I was raised to be verrrry frugal. I had to learn ways to get what I wanted for less, and I did!

Start following my blog posts for "budget-savy" tips on how to transform your homes spaces into ones you will be proud of and your neighbors will adore!

Click on the link to watch my 1st "how to" video

Thanks for Watching!!

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