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 All Recommendations are geared towards

improving the marketability of YOUR home.


Location, Price Point and Buyer Expectations of a Home are  considerations made when making recommendations for

YOUR home.

 Staging Consultations


What is Staging?


Staging is... 

"The art of decorating a house to sell quickly

and for top dollar."


For some clients, recommendations will be made for improvements that the Homeowner can make on their own. For other clients, furnishing the entire home from top to bottom may be needed to showcase the home's features. Most projects lie somewhere between these two extremes. It really depends on the client’s needs, budget, and the time available. 


Recommendations typically include things like:

  • Removing excess clutter 

  • Rearranging or Removing furniture 

  • Solving lighting problems

  • Rearranging art and accessories

  • Styling book shelves, fireplace mantels and display cabinets

  • Cleaning and Repair suggestions

  • Painting and Wall Color suggestions

  • Light Remodeling: countertops, flooring, lighting and hardware

Your Staging Consultation 


Frequently asked questions:



1)  How long will the appointment take?

      Typically, your consultation will take 1-2 hours.  The length will vary based on the size of your home      and weather conditions.        


2)  What do I need to do during the appointment?

       I will ask you to take me on a tour of your home.  During this time, I will have you take notes of all of the suggestions I would recommend.  I will be sure to note the ones you should make priority.  Your list is meant to be your road map.  The more suggestions you can accomplish prior to placing the home on the market, the greater the odds that your home will appeal to the broadest pool of buyers.


3)  Will you be taking pictures of my home?

       Yes, I will be taking several pictures of each room.  I will be using these pictures and measurements I take of your home to build your customized staging proposal if a full furniture stage is required or recommended.  **By no means will these pictures be used for any other purpose and will be destroyed after the report has been completed.


4)  What if I need work done to the house prior to listing?

       Don't fret!  I have painters, drywallers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, kitchen designers etc to assist with any light remodeling you may need.

5)  Who pays for my consultation?

       If you are working with a real estate agent, discuss who will be responsible for covering the consultation fee.  Many agents are happy to assist with or fully cover the fee of a staging consultation.  They understand how important staging a property is and how it will influence your ability to successfully sell your property faster and for more money.


6)  What if I have questions after our appointment?

      Don't hesitate to call me anytime!  I will do my best to answer your questions over the phone but I can revisit your home too if that is needed.  




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